Alternate scene: originally, the film opened on king Conan, sitting on his throne and telling his adventures

update : -/-/-

Extended scene: young Conan and his father climb the mountain on top of which the sword will change hands
Extended scene: the mother of Conan takes an active part in the fight during the Vanir raid, to protect her son
Extended scene: the seasons changing was more explicit, and Conan thanked the Wheel when leaving it
Extended scene: various pit fights were lost in the final cut, one of them at least involving Valeria
Deleted scene: Conan, exhibited like a wild beast, shares his knowledge with young warriors
Alternate scene: thanks to a natural disaster, Conan escapes from captivity at last
Alternate scene: did Milius ever plan to have it animated and fight Conan? The question remains open...
Deleted scene: Conan faces the wild wolves who chase him; later, he gets on with Subotai
Deleted scene: the John Milius cameo appearance, from an idea by William Stout
Bloopers: general hilarity on the filming set when two "extras"... mate!
Deleted scene: or how an aspiring thief learns to his cost that no one robs a Cimmerian with impunity
Deleted scene: the first meeting of Conan with princess Yasimina, on her way to the Mountain of Power
Extended scene: "burglars" preps, across the gardens and introducing the "Queen of Thieves"
Extended scene: the freakish Tower of the Snake guard was brought down by Subotai
Alternate scene: various versions of the giant snake fight were apparently shot and assembled
Extended scene: a key-moment is now gone, when the two lovers discovered they shared a similar past
Deleted scene: the assassination of the Zamora suzerain, perpetrated by his own personal guard
Mistery scene: or how a rather imaginative fan got mislead by various promo photos
Extended scene: Thulsa Doom was haranguing his followers in a much more explicit way
Extended scene: Conan is beaten to the death by Rexor and Thorgrim in the gardens
Extended scene: "Flesh is stronger than steel": Thulsa Doom orders the 'suicide' of a second believer
Extended scene: Subotai, always starving, gets the vulture killed by Conan to have a meal from it!
Extended scene: Conan forgets the chivalrous way when comes the time to 'clean' the 'snakes nest'!
Deleted scene: her role was heavily shortened, as attested by these moments of her awaiting with Conan
Deleted scene: the only one that was restored in the Collector's Edition DVD new cut, but how badly!
Extended scene: thanks to the MPAA, the casualties were seriously lessened during the last battle
Extended scene: a review of the various script revisions the finale went through
Unfilmed scene: Conan and Subotai bid their farewell and go their respective way