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Just after his capture, Conan is beaten almost to the death by two of Thulsa Doom's henchmen in the gardens of the Mountain of Power. CromIsGod suggests that this scene was cut because of censorship problems:

  In the scene where Thulsa Doom explains the Riddle of Steel to Conan, Rexor and Thorgrim beat Conan so senseless and so bloody that it had to be cut for the graphic violence.

The torture scene however did not completely disappear since a few shots from it (only three of them!) remained in the final cut. Conan is crawling on the ground and screaming from pain [1] as Thorgrim crushes his hand under his boot while he was trying to reach his father's sword [2] fallen a little farther. His tumefied face, his body covered with blood and his toga in tatters are evidences of the series of hits which has just preceded (and in which the sword thus seemed to play an important part). At his sides, kneeling and apparently sympathizing (?), is the princess. Standing in a corner of the set, one also sees Thorgrim's famous hammer, close to a bench: was it just used?

Arrives Rexor, who helps Thorgrim to project Conan into some fountain. Schwarzenegger and Milius briefly evoke the scene in the audio commentary:

  Schwarzenegger: "My beating up was incredible!"
Milius: "Yeah, they kept putting you into this fountain..."


In the novelization, the extended "bath" of the barbarian is not part of the torture:

  Trembling with weakness, and overcome by despair, the once-mighty Cimmerian slumped to the ground and lay in his vomit. (...) but at length Rexor strode over to him and barked: "The Master would speak to you now; and you, filthy swine, are unfit to come before him." So saying, Rexor stooped to unlock the manacles and, straightening up, pitched the half-conscious prisoner into the fountain.

Once again, the presence of an omitted scene in the final cut is revealed by a dissolve (right before the arrival of Thulsa Doom).

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