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In his listing of scenes filmed then cut during the editing, CromIsGod includes:

  The War Yurt scenes where Conan sits chained to a turn-style table and young warriors come to get his advice and wisdom.  
Among the production sketches present on the DVD, a Ron Cobb drawing appears, which seems to correspond (picture 1). There are also various photographs which come from this lost scene (pictures 2 and 3). At first sight, one could believe that these photographs come from the sequence where our hero pronounces his famous line: "To crush my enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women!" However, while looking at it a little more closely (picture 4), one will notice that, at this time of film, Conan (apparently) is not chained to the circular platform on which one made him sit (whereas on the photographs, he is), that his hair is much longer, and that finally, the wristbands which he is wearing are different (on the photographs, they are studded). It is thus completely reasonable to think that the scene described by CromIsGod was indeed filmed, even if it does not appear in the comic book adaptation.

The novelization gives a more commonplace version of it, in which Conan is simply transformed into some attraction:


    At every stopping place, first the Asir and later the Hyperboreans gathered to admire Toghrul's champion, who had become famous for exploits and gigantic strength. On these occasions, the Pitmaster, a showman to the core, would strip the young barbarian and display him naked on a revolving platform from which four iron chains extended upward to the slave collar that he wore. Nordheimers and their women gladly paid their copper coins to stare with curious, appraising eyes at Conan's magnificent physique. Conan returned their stares with stolid indifference.

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