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  Conan approaches the Princess as she is chained to the altar in the Battle of the Mounds scene. She is defiant as he speaks to her and he grabs her by her face as he tells her she will be returned to her father (Conan doesn't know he was killed already, which was also deleted).  

This scene appears in the third (and last) draft of the Milius script, as well as in the comic book and the novelization:

  Yasimina sat on the side of the bed, staring at the Cimmerian. Her eyes sparkled with anger; her rose-petal mouth was inverted by a sneer.
  "Enjoy this day, barbarian dog," she spat, "for it will be your last."
  Conan looked around at her and raised his heavy brows.
  "My serpent king knows where you are," she continued. "He has seen your fire and will come, as surely as the sun has risen in the east. And he will slay you."
  "Are you a prophetess, then?" growled Conan. "I think not — just a foolish girl. I know not why your father loves you so."
  He walked over to the irate princess, seized her chin in his large hand, and glared down into her fiery eyes. Softly, he said: "I was born on a battlefield... The first sound I heard was a scream... The prospect of a battle does not frighten me."
  "It frightens me no more!" Yasimina flung back at him. "For my lord will lead his minions to my rescue. My lord... and future husband, Thulsa Doom."
  Conan smiled grimly. "Then you shall see the battle, blow by blow. And be right there to greet him when he comes for you."
  The girl paled slightly as the barbarian untied her from the bedpost and flung her, sacklike, over his shoulder. Striding up the side of the nearest mound, he tethered her against a stele.
  "Here you can see it all. And he who comes for you can find you readily."

And, later on:

  "I'll take some food and drink to Osric's spitfire," said Conan. "We can't have her a ghost if we hope to claim a ransom."
  Climbing the mound, the barbarian offered Yasimina some of the wizard's humble food. She made a face at the rude fare and glared at the giver, but Conan noted with amusement that she ate and drank with eager speed.
  Still, she was not mollified. After finishing her meal, she taunted him. "It won't be long now."
  Conan answered, "No, not long."


These small awaiting moments, preceding the great final battle, were obviously filmed by Milius (perhaps gathered in only one scene?), as one can see it on these photos:


A last passage concerning the princess appears in the novelization, during which she more or less tries to bewitch Conan and his friends like a singing mermaid, but it was undoubtedly not filmed.

  "What is that sound?" asked Subotai, startled, as an eerie chanting wafted across the mound. Peering cautiously from their hiding places, they saw the princess standing in her bonds, with the wind in her long hair. She was looking out across the barren land toward the mountain and the setting sun. The last rays kissed her upturned face and tinted her naked arms and shoulders a ruddy gold.
  The song she sang was strangely melodic; and as its volume rose, its pensive yearning changed to a passionate seduction, which nearly overwhelmed her listeners. Despite her soiled and ragged garments, she looked every inch a priestess and a leader of men.
  "What now?" mused the shaman, as he regarded the sensuous writhing of the girl and perceived the seductive magic in her chant.
  Subotai, like one entranced, listened to the unearthly melody and murmured, "How beautiful! What is it that she sings?"
  "Pay no heed!" said Conan. "It is some snake god's hymn, designed to lure the innocent to Set and to destruction. Heed it not!"

If one considers these cuts, and those from the procession scene (which was supposed to be her very first appearance in film) and from the beating up of Conan (during which she seemed to be there), one can say that the screen time presence of the Princess was seriously trimmed within the final cut! Add to this the fact that, in the original American theatrical version, she was even completely removed from the ending of the film (Conan going alone to the Mountain of Power to kill his mortal foe).

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