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I can clear up some speculation about the trolls that were attacking Valeria. In your deleted scene "Orgy" page, you make the comment that only one troll has a simian walk. I was that character. The reason I walked that way is because I was killed in the scene shot before that. So I lowered my walk, to act like I had a hurt leg. This kill scene was shot 7 times. Because Sandahl wasn't a martial artist, her fighting ability was not precise. She hurt both of us trolls and one guard. On the first take, I had to run straight at her with a notched spear, which she would break with the initial sword stroke, but she missed the pad supporting the blood bag on my chest. Her sword stroke hit me in the ribs. On the second take, the blood bag and pad was moved to where she hit before. She missed the pad again and struck the ribs. Now, I'm nervous. On the third take, the notched spear broke prematurely. On the fourth take, she gets the blood bag correctly but, on her spin around where she stabs me, I could tell on her face she didn't have trained martial artist control of where the point was going. I stopped production and had Terry [Leonard] the stunt coordinator work with Sandahl to make her safer. Terry winked at me and said "Welcome to the stunt business!". Finally, that last two shots went fine. I laugh at that scene because, even though I'm a Neanderthal eater of the dead, my butt is not hairy. In the DVD of Conan the Barbarian, when Arnold and Milius talk over the movie, they will mention my name during the stunt right before the troll scene you have on your website. I'm the troll that Arnold is facing on the middle picture. I have more about the mask and how it was hard to eat at lunch time and some joking around with Arnold at his trailer on site at the caves.

Cromulus nous a écrit :

Remember there were also a few girls wearing the exact same headdress. This leads me to believe Conan killed more than one girl. From what I read, he killed a few during that scene. If you notice, when Conan makes his way past the pillar up to the stairs, he swings his sword around towards one of the girls screaming, then you hear a hack sound: obviously, he stroke and killed her, hitting her back. But it's off the screen.
There was some bad cut ups with the editing and pacing. When Conan walks down the stairs to face Rexor, you clearly see Valeria beating on the Princess to tie her up in the background. Meanwhile this was already supposed to be done. Then how Conan is seen running away with the Princess over his back, no events lead up to the switch. Subotai was to have stood guard picking off Dooms guards with his bow while Conan took Yasmina. The whole scene was very long, yet another major cut was done to shorten the movie, deleting more major action.



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